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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

When Silence Becomes Too Much. Hitting your libraries and ebooks soon!

Linda Ikeji at Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog - 55 seconds ago
About the author: Her name is Miss Chidera Nneoma Okolie. She is a 500L law student of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. Born on the 27th day of march 1993, this beauty is just 21. The 280paged macabre tale woven in pellucid prose is her 1st published piece. With your encouragement, she said she hopes to do more. Bravo! *Brief summary of the book* 'Philip believed he was unsurpassed at what he does. He had worked hard and wasn't going to let himself feel otherwise. But something about the Mbanugo murders made him qualm. Just when he thinks he has the murderer, a lacuna a... more »